About Us

What is Kombucha?

Kombucha is a fermented tea, made with only 4 simple ingredients - tea, sugar, black tea or green tea and most importantly a SCOBY (Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast). Kombucha dates back 2000 years ago, where it was first brewed in China then spread to Japan, Russia and eventually the entire world. 

Bangkok Booch is made in the traditional, hand crafted way and is completely natural, vegan, raw and unpasteurized! Kombucha is known to be packed with antioxidants, probiotics and antibacterial agents that support your gut health and helps boost your energy!

Our Story

Like so many of us out there, during this pandemic, our founder, Raksha Sachdev, tried her hand at baking bread, making brownies and Marie Kondo-ing her entire house - all without much success! Fortunately, she did find out that she was pretty awesome at brewing kombucha.

Raksha looovves kombucha. Her fascination all started when she was living in Vancouver, Canada, where she discovered this incredible drink. Kombucha made her mind and body feel so good, that it naturally became part of her routine. When moving back to Thailand, she was so happy to find kombucha available. Unfortunately none of the kombucha in Bangkok utilized the beautiful, tropical fruits and flavors of Thailand, so she started to make her own using her favorite fruits like mango and pineapple. Shen then made too much for herself and sent a couple of bottles to her friends and family, who all encouraged her to start selling. Bangkok Booch was then established in July 2020.

Since our establishment we have a total of 8 flavors of kombucha and are the innovators behind Thailand's first and only kombucha sorbet - Booch Scoop. Bangkok Booch is sold online through our website and social platforms as well as in the following places: 

Vegan Basket, Dear Tummy Supermarket in Icon Siam 
Golden State Vegan 
Summer Bowl   

Our Process 

One bottle of Bangkok Booch takes about 2 weeks to make. Our booch goes through two stages of fermentation. During first fermentation, we mix together black tea or green tea, cane sugar and kombucha culture (aka SCOBY) and let it ferment for about 1 to 1.5 weeks. The good news is that the sugar in Kombucha is for the culture to consume, and not for us. When fermenting is complete, the kombucha has reached a perfect balance of sweet and tart, with only 2g of sugar remaining. 

After the first fermentation phase is complete, our flavored kombucha goes into second fermentation where we add fresh, whole, locally grown fruits into an airtight bottle for additional flavoring and carbonation.

Our Booch is made with real fruits that are all locally sourced. No added fruit juice or sugar. After a couple of days we strain the fruits out and bottle our booch.